Kristen M. Moorman


Mark J. Kasper

Wedding Party

Tausha Simon


My name is Tausha. Kristen & I have been besties for about 20yrs-ish! We go all the way back to our love for singing, ridiculous movies, teen pop culture fanatics, hysterical slumber/bday parties, ‘famous’ Christmas Local TV stardom & so much more! She’s literally one of my favorite humans! I am incredibly honored that she and Mark have asked me to officiate their wedding! Dubbed Earth Mother by the both of them due to my uncanny intuition & love for all things spiritual, it only seemed fitting that I accept their request! I am so excited for Kristen & Mark’s union! The joy that radiates from both them speaks volumes to their relationship.

Angie Botts

Matron of Honor

Hi! My name is Angie Botts. I’m a momma to a toddler, Lennox with another one on the way. My family and I live in Louisville, KY and we own a small, private gym. Staying active and helping others is our life.

I’ve known the bride all of my life (literally). We didn’t grow up living close to each other but every holiday we were reunited and it was like there was no space between. As we grew older we became closer and closer friends and now we have this beautiful sister/cousin/friend relationship that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It's true, you can't choose your family, but I would choose you SP!

I'm so excited to welcome Mark into our family! I can't wait to spend more time initiating uh...getting to know him. Anyone who my cousin adores is worth getting to know and I'm ecstatic to gain a brother/cousin/friend.

Bo Counts

Best Man

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bo and I'm the best man reporting for duty. I've known the groom to be for almost 12 years. I can't express what a honor it is to be in this wedding for these two fantastic people. I can't give too much away or I won't have anything left for my best man's speech. Oh, did I mention I have a crippling fear of public speaking? Yeah, so you definitely won't want to miss that.

Jessica Moorman


I’m Jessica, the bride’s sister. I am a mother of four and Kristen literally threatens my life daily to get this done. We are super excited to welcome Mark into our family (and not just because he can cook). I remember the first day she told me about him, it was so nonchalantly. But even then she stated that he was going to marry her one day. I love you guys together, you are the perfect match and I find it hilarious that Mark is just as witty (a smartass) as Kristen is. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you two!

Scott Nickell


I met Mark Kasper on June 16th, 2006. I was fresh out of Culinary school and was starting my new job at The Fairmont Hotel. Mark, at this point was all of 19, and fresh out of school as well. I remember when I got to work with Mark for the first time - That night was special, because it would be the first hours of many that we would spend together in that front Aria kitchen, or "action station" as it was called.
Instantly I knew that there was something different about Mark. He was kind, he was hilarious, and he made work really fun!
As a rule, I am a pretty shy person when first interacting with someone. That rule was completely broken the second I started conversing with Mark. He just knows how to be around people, he knows exactly how to make them feel comfortable and liked. He is one of the few people I know that just has that affect on everyone.
Time went by, and Mark left the Fairmont to continue his career elsewhere. That did not stop our friendship, it actually did the exact opposite. Mark, Bo (the Best Man) and I hung out more often than ever. Going to cubs games, Tuesday night Sons if Anarchy watching parties, cookouts, day drinking fiascos - you name it we did it! Unfortunately, not as often now as back in the day, but absence does make the heart grow fonder. Mark is one of my best friends. He will always be one of my best friends, and I am are really lucky person to have him as such. I am so very happy for Mark and Kristen, and I am excited to see what the future holds for them, and for all of us, together! Cheers!

E. Nicole Moorman


“Can’t you just write it for me???”

My name is Nicole, the bride's favorite sister. Marriage is a beautiful arrangement that allows you to annoy that one special person for the rest of your life. I'm so glad Mark has stepped up so the rest of us get off the hook!

Kristen is an amazing person! She's smart, funny, and has a heart of gold. I've pretty much looked up to her my whole life and I couldn't be more happy for her that she's found someone crazy enough to marry her!

Congratulations to Kristen and Mark, may you continue to annoy eachother for many years to come!

Johnny Besch


Mark and I meet April 18th, 2017. We were brought together by our previous Chef Ross Manblozer. We very abruptly circumvented our way up the ladder of success. We became fast mates and have worked side by side ever since. We have been through hell and back and back again. Mark is the second hardest working chef I know. He is a proficient operator and seasoned technician. We went to different high schools together.

Danielle Murphy


I’m Danielle, the groom's older sis. I’m a full time mommy to Mark’s goddaughter Ellie, who will be almost 5 by the time Kristen and Mark say “I Do.” I have waited so long for my brother to find the perfect woman who would be the Ying to his Yang, as I believe my brother is the best catch there is out there. I am so thrilled to be welcoming Kristen into our family. The chemistry between the two of them is so heartwarming and genuine that I couldn’t have picked someone better if I had the choice myself. And FINALLY I get to have a sister, because let’s be honest I really wanted Mark to be a baby sister instead of a brother, but in the end it all worked out. I am honored to be a part of their special day and cannot wait to celebrate their love for one another.

Kyle Murphy


My name is Kyle Murphy, Mark is my brother in law and we have known each other for 10 years. I’m happy to say I have never seen him happier. We are excited to add Kristen to the family and look forward to hopefully some day watch our kids grow up together.

Tanya Baruffi


As Kristen’s favorite cousin (despite what the Matron of Honor might think) we’ve gone on many adventures together and have countless more to plan. Despite this, I believe marriage may be the grandest adventure of all and I am honored to be a part of Kristen and Mark’s special day. Kristen has always been my definition of class, spontaneity, and independence. I didn’t think that anyone could keep up with her, let alone add to her daring demeanor. I look forward to meeting the man who not only can keep up with Kristen’s insanity, but loves her all the more because of it. 

William "Billy" Moorman


“Umm...I don’t speak Portuguese.”

”No, really, what are you saying? I don’t know what that is.”

”First off, who has an actual website for a wedding?! Is that like standard protocol, or what?”

Maria Gentile-Martin

Honor Attendant

It's safe to say I love these two to the moon and back! Kristen and I worked together when I first moved to Chicago from London. In the jungle of corporate America, I found a bright star. Long days and nights working for a zoo of bankers, we found fun in our creative similarities, vintage fashion, joyful sarcasm and ridiculous behavior. (A lady never tells) Work paths changed however we did not...wandering around vintage markets searching for the perfect hats and all the things we do not need but love. Casually streaming through life enjoying all the finer things together, Martini in one hand fur in the other. Life is so much richer with Kristen in it.

Lovely Mark remains a big hit as he did from the first time I heard Kristen speak his name. That glimmer in her eye is oh so much brighter - this is true love. Mark is a proper gent, intelligent, hilarious, cheeky, an excellent Chef, full of smiles with an obvious sincere love for Kristen. His playful attitude is contagious! It does help that Mark added truffles to the first dinner he ever made me, nice play sir.

Immediately I knew these two would enjoy the best of life together. If your going to get hitched do it with someone who
  • You love (obviously)
  • Makes you laugh at the silliest of things
  • Lifts your spirits when life is a pain in the derrière
  • Most of all gets a free pass when on occasion they are the pain in the derrière.
I love you both, privileged to share this time and space in life with you.
We celebrate you both, Congratulations xoxo

Nathan Swanson

Honor Attendant

Kristen and I have been friends for so long that by the day of the wedding our friendship could legally drink. I like to think our friendship already drinks though. It's a little wild and can often play by its own rules. Did our friendship kill a guy once? Well, our friendship isn't going to answer any questions without a lawyer present. I'm happy for Kristen and Mark. At the time of writing this, I have only experienced the couple together once, but that's all you need to see that this thing they got going on means business. Do I think she's biting off my style a little since I just got married a month ago? Well honestly, I can't fault her for that, I am pretty awesome.

Chase Tincher


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Mark Kasper


Kristen M. Moorman