Kristen M. Moorman


Mark J. Kasper


What is "Evening Eclectic" and why are you doing this to us?

Evening = Suits for the gents, cocktail dresses or formal/evening gowns for the ladies
Eclectic = have fun with it, try out bright colors or big patterns, no worries about dressing down so the bride stands out.

The groomsmen will be in tuxedos and the bridesmaids in floor length gowns, for reference. Go ahead, be Fancy.

May I bring a plus one?

Are you married? Then yes, bring your spouse.

Are you dating someone seriously? Then yes, bring your partner.

Are you thinking of hiring a male escort to pose as your boyfriend at the wedding in order to dupe your ex-fiancé, who dumped you a few years prior? Is the escort rom-com alum Dermott Mulroney? Either way, NO, it's already been done.

Do you have any uncertainties? Just ask the bride or groom directly.

Are kids invited?

No, please. With the exception of the Bride and Groom's nieces and nephews, children are not invited. Why? Because they make everything sticky...and they're better dancers than the bride, and frankly she just can't have that kind of pressure.

What's the transit situation?

The hotel has overnight valet parking for $63/nt - with full in and out privileges. The hotel also offers discounted $33 valet parking for the event, if you plan on going home afterwards.

Parking Whiz, Spot Hero, and Park Mobile are all easy to use parking apps that can find you less expensive parking rates nearby.

Both Ogilvie and Union train stations are a short distance from the venue, and the Metra/Amtrak trains provide affordable alternatives to driving and parking downtown.

If flying into O'Hare for the wedding. You can take the CTA - Blue Line from the airport to the Clark/Lake Street stop, and the hotel is 2 blocks away.

If flying into Midway Airport for the wedding, you can take the CTA - Orange Line from the airport to the Washington/Wells stop and the hotel is 1 block away.

You didn't ask for dietary restrictions, what if I have food allergies?

We will, of course, try to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Please let the bride or groom know if there is anything you absolutely cannot/will not consume. (ie: vegetarian, gluten intolerance, no alcohol, vegan, strict carb only diet, etc.)

What is the theme?

Uhh...Wedding? Idk...Let's say it's slightly influenced by Truman Capote's Black and White Ball...Slightly influenced by art deco minimalism...Slightly influenced by the venue...That seems confusing? Okay....Then let's go back to the original answer of Wedding. Just stop asking so many questions and head over to the open bar.