Kristen M. Moorman


Mark J. Kasper

Kristen M. Moorman and Mark J. Kasper

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Our Story

Flashback to 2002: Kristen and Mark are going to High School together, amidst all the teen angst and baggy jeans they never say more to each other than a random, "sup."

2014: Zion class of '04's 10 year class reunion. With mutual friends posting events and plans, Mark and Kristen become friends on the Facebook.

2015: Mark and Kristen begin to talk a bit and make plans.
2015(next day) Kristen cancels, they make new plans!
2015(the next, next day) Mark cancels, and the wave of work/holidays/etc take hold and no more plans were made.

2017: Mark gets a new job and Kristen wishes him congratulations. Conversations begin and a date is planned! Brunch even! And what a brunch! There were laughs, smiles, pastries, and a whole lot of weird sunburn! But something happened that day, a connection. Something that neither of them ever expected to happen. Two separate entities, Human Gods if you will, collide, and from that moment forward, they were inseparable.

2018: NOLA trip/ Kristenmas 2018 - Mark and Kristen went to New Orleans. On one of the many adventures, Mark got them lost and ended up in a zoo (I had to call an audible!!) Where he saw the perfect opportunity. It was just Kristen, and it was just Mark. He dropped to one knee and asked Kristen to spend the rest of her life with him. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!” Which later translated to "YES YES YES!" And that my friends and family... is how Kristen and I saved Spring Break...I mean, met... its how we met and fell in love!